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  The Bulgarian folklore is very rich; it is the heart and the soul of Bulgaria. There are many folk groups spread across the folk regions. Every one of them has its own national costumes, representing the region with their specific colors, broidery and ornaments. The dances and their interpretations are accompanied by diverse music and songs, typical for Bulgaria. Who hasn’t heard the talks about the famous “voices of Bulgaria”? Their purity and beauty could not leave the listener indifferent. The Bulgarian songs are unique, for that reason the song “Delio Haidutin” sung by Valia Balkanska was sent on board of the space ship Voyager. If there are alien civilizations in our galaxy they would appreciate this incredible song. The Bulgarian folklore travel all around the world; many first place prizes were won on several international folk festivals in Italy, France, England, Ireland etc. Bulgaria is rich with folk singers, dancers and musicians. They pass on the traditions from generation to generation. Usually the Bulgarian dance group are comprise men and women of different ages who play, dance and sing together in a pure harmony.
  The Bulgarians did their best to be creative incorporating in each single item a piece of their own art. This could be found in the traditional for the country woodcarving, clay crafts, copper production. If you go even today into an old Bulgarian house you will see ceilings with wood carved suns on them. Harsh hands have turned the piece of wood into tender flowers and plaids to decorate the whole interior. You will be amazed by the lively colors of the carpets and hand woven bed and floor covers. The colors are artistically aligned on them in the same way in which nature itself has aligned those colors on mountain tops and fruitful valleys.

Bulgaria is divided into 9 folk regions.

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